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Small bouquets

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From traditional flower combinations to unexpected compositions from a wide variety of plants, FunFlowers' small bouquets inspire and surprise. At FunFlowers you can order a bouquet in different styles and directions in which such compositions can be used: from romantic gifts to stylish interior accessories.

At FunFlowers we create a simple bouquet as a real masterpiece. Our florists choose the right color scheme, making magnificent compositions.  The art of giving joy and emotions can be found in small details. Small bouquets from FunFlowers are not just flowers, they are a part of the soul put into each composition. Immerse yourself in the world of flowers and magic with us, and discover an amazing and colorful view of floristics.

Mini bouquets of fresh flowers

Small bouquets of fresh flowers, created by FunFlowers, open before you a magical world of colors, shapes and aromas. These delicate compositions are a real art that can accommodate a multitude of emotions and feelings. At FunFlowers there is an amazing process of creating mini-bouquets and a real miracle how these little masterpieces become a real trend in modern floristry.

Creating mini bouquets is the line between floristry and miniature modeling. Each flower, each twig is carefully chosen and arranged to create a harmonious and visual impression. Compositions can be carefully arranged in a classic, elegant or even minimalist style - depending on the theme and purpose. Easy fresh flower bouquets from FunFlowers are not only beauty, but also a passion for creativity and the ability to express emotions through floral arrangements. Get inspired and immerse yourself in the world of miniature miracles that can revitalize any moment of your life.


Reasons for such a gift

What holiday without flowers? A small bouquet of flowers can be an exquisite addition to a birthday, anniversary, New Year or any other important event. Their bright colors and exquisite design will give a special atmosphere of fun and joy.

Small bouquets of fresh flowers from FunFlowers have become an ideal choice of gift for a variety of events and moments. These delicate compositions can emphasize the importance and specialness of each occasion, adding a touch of romance and tenderness to your gesture.

Sometimes the best gifts come without an occasion. A delicate bouquet can be a spontaneous and touching surprise that will bring joy and a smile to your loved ones.


Whatever the occasion, beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers from FunFlowers will help you convey sincere emotions, create an atmosphere of magic and leave an unforgettable trace in the hearts of those you present them to.

Make your loved ones happy right now 

Happiness is in the little things, and there's no better way to make your loved ones happy than with small bouquets of fresh flowers from FunFlowers.  There is no need to wait for a special occasion to give someone a smile. Small bouquets of fresh flowers are the perfect way to say "I'm thinking of you" or "you matter to me". Just surprise your friend, partner or family member with a small but symbolic gift to emphasize your affection and care.

Sometimes the best moments come out of the blue. Feel free to gift a small bouquet just because it suddenly came to your mind. Make your recipient happy in the most mundane moment. Small bouquets of fresh flowers from FunFlowers are not only decorative accessories, but also a source of joy, surprise and tenderness. Take this opportunity to make every day of your loved ones special, even with the smallest gesture.