Flower Seasonality

Nov 17, 2021

Seasonality of flowers or what to look out for if you're picking up a special gift for a loved one, mum or baby gift.

Each of the seasons is unique in its own way.

Why should you pay attention exactly to the seasonality for each variety of flowers? We will share our secrets and help you make the right choice.

Winter Flowers.

With the onset of the calendar winter, when there is already snow in some places in our city, we change our wardrobe, we like to spend more time at home in the warmth - it's time for exotic flowers.

They come from all over the world. Of course, the most popular are flowers from Holland. Not the most southern country, but as you know, specialising in the cultivation of exotics at any time of the year.

The time for tulips has not yet come, roses are also waiting for their time, but we want to surprise and delight every day. This is where our favourites - Ranunculus, Anemone and Amaryllis - will help us.

In addition to the beauty of the flower itself, it is important to choose the combination of colours in the composition.

Our florists spend a lot of time perfecting their skills in colouring. White can be combined with pink or lilac, Pink can be combined with cream - there are trends in fashion, the same trends in flowers.

Spring flowers.

The spring season is the peak season for any florist.

After a long and cold winter, it's thawing time. We go for walks and look around more often, we meet new people, we visit family and friends, and we may even think about a summer holiday.

There are two major holidays ahead - Valentine's Day (14 February) or as it is also called Valentine's Day, and of course - Women's Day on 8 of March.

Men often puzzle over what to give to their mother, what to give to their favourite girl, or how to please their favourite daughter.

What do you think is the most popular flower in the spring season? Of course the king of all flowers at this time is the Tulip.

Wherever you are, in a florist shop, flower base or just walking down the street, everywhere they are.

If you want to give a compliment, a gift, a sign of attention - this is the right choice. Assemble your bouquet of multi-coloured tulips or give a mono bouquet of one colour. Everything will look very beautiful.

Our advice here is all about quantity. Do not stop at 5, 7 or 15 tulips, go further. For tulips is very important volume and the bouquet will look much more presentable if it will be from 21 tulips and more. The price for you will not change much, as many sellers make a special price for such a quantity. In short, the cost will be less, and the effect of a gift for the 8th of March is simply stunning.

If you are bored with the Tulip, you can always opt for other beautiful spring flowers such as daffodils, irises or fragrant matiolas.

Don't forget to ask the seller where the flowers are from. Favour Holland, that's our other tip.

Summer Flowers.

The time of greatest abundance. The number of varieties and colours is off the charts.

The long-awaited Peonies and Roses are showing up.

It is at this time of year that you should pay special attention to these flowers. In colder seasons Peonies and Roses are much weaker and will not be able to please you for a long time.

But in summer it's a different matter - sunshine, warm air help these fragile beauties and beauties to get drunk and strong enough.

Ask your florist about roses from Ecuador or Kenya - you'll be pleasantly surprised by these flowers.

Such a gift will be simply unforgettable for your loved ones.

Well, and do not forget about the wedding seasons. It is in summer that you can decorate the festive table or use any colours and paints in the décor. This day will definitely become unforgettable for you.