Nov 17, 2021

Every wedding for us is like a work of art! A reverent and heartfelt attitude is at the heart of our work. The most important thing is to organise everything in such a way that the preparation for your Wedding Day will be an easy, pleasant and exciting adventure for you!

And your celebration became a reflection of your couple, unique, stylish, bright and unforgettable. The best evaluation of our work is when newlyweds say that "it was the wedding of their dreams" and guests say that "they were at the best wedding".


We create a unique story of your wedding day. Well organised and thought out floristry is like a movie that can immerse you in the atmosphere of love and happiness. It is more than "just decor", it is a feast for the eyes and soul, when every line, shape, texture, colour is non-random and contributes to the atmosphere of your day.

Our communication starts with a meeting where you share your wishes and dreams with us and we will tell you how the day can be organised in the best possible way!


This is a very important point - after the meeting we will prepare an estimate with budget allocation, as well as advise on what can and cannot be saved on.

Author's floristry for the most soulful weddings!

Welcome to the workshop "FunFlowers"! A place where the most daring ideas find their embodiment, where florists will carefully and carefully translate your thoughts into the mesmerising language of flowers and create an inexpressible atmosphere at your celebration!

Flowers that perfectly complement the look

Bridal bouquet

Leaving an order in our workshop, you have the right to expect a complex in execution, thought out to the last detail, original author's bouquet, which will become for you a faithful companion during the solemn day, the importance of which can hardly be overestimated!

The cost of a wedding bouquet with us starts from 45 euros. A bouquet of medium size implies a budget of 50-55 euros. The final cost is formed only after a detailed discussion with the florist. It is advisable to order a bridal bouquet in advance.

Practice shows that the more time we have to prepare, the better the result!

Outdoor ceremony

Nature is the best decorator!

All we have to do is add colour!

The cost of offsite registration will depend on your wishes and requires individual discussion.

Table decoration

Treat for the eyes

Whether you are having a small family event or a lavish reception for several hundred guests, FunFlowers' decorations will be a perfect fulfilment of your plan and will add pleasant memories of your magical day! Of course, we do not only floristry, but also decoration.

Of course, any design should be discussed individually. The size, quantity, range, any special wishes, additions and conditions significantly affect the price range. Nevertheless, to set a vector for reflection and further dialogue we can say that the cost of compositions on the table we have starts from 25 euros. This is the minimum. Compositions of medium size 45-55 euros. Renting a decoration is possible and is always negotiated separately.

Wreaths, bracelets, boutonnieres.

Important little things that require delicate treatment, while it is impossible to imagine anything more delicate and reverent than jewellery made of fresh flowers!

The cost of wreaths from 25 euros, bracelets from 12 euros, boutonniere from 6 euros. When ordering a bridal bouquet, a boutonniere is a gift.