Open Vacancies.


Looking for a Florist and Florist Assistant to join our team.




  • Experience of working in a shop/studio is a must. 
  • Good speed of bouquet assembly, ability to work with people is important. 
  • Availability of portfolio 
  • Competent verbal and written speech - Russian and Latvian. 
  • Work with computer, administrative support. 
  • Stress resistance. 
  • Positive attitude, love for people and flowers. 



Florist Assistant


 1. Operative reception of flowers / daily order in the refrigerator 

 2. Customer service and counselling in the hall (correct approach )

 3. Pots - presentable appearance before sale and temporary watering  

 4. Work with documents

 5. Respond to social media /WA requests in a timely manner

 6. Know the names of flowers and varieties of roses 

 7. Cleanliness and Orderliness in the shop 

 8. Material responsibility



We are also always happy to discuss any ideas and possible partnership programmes.

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