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Flowers in a box

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The magic of flowers comes to life in beautiful boxes from Fun Flowers! Our store offers a wide range of beautifully designed floral arrangements created with love and professionalism. Our floral boxes are the perfect way to express feelings, congratulate loved ones and decorate any special moment in life.

From delicate roses to vibrant chrysanthemums, each flower bouquet in our collection is a work of art, harmoniously combining the beauty of the flowers and the elegance of the packaging. Give joy with Fun Flowers and make hearts bloom with our unique flower boxes.

Uniqueness of flowers in hat boxes

The uniqueness of flowers in hat boxes turns every gift giving into an unforgettable instant joy. Fun Flowers, a leading floral arrangement store, is proud to present its collection that combines elegance and sophistication with beautiful flowers. Our hat box flowers are true works of art where each rose, lily and tulip are carefully selected and color-matched to create unique arrangements.

In our assortment you will find mini bouquets that are perfect for any occasion: from a romantic date to an anniversary or simply to express appreciation and love. Our florists assemble the flowers in a box with great skill, ensuring unrivaled quality and uniqueness.

We pay special attention to detail, selecting luxurious accessories and ribbons to make each box look impressive and eye-catching. Our goal is to bring joy and create a memorable experience for each recipient. One of the features of our hat boxes is their versatility. After the flowers have faded, the box can be a great accessory to store jewelry, letters, or other valuable little items. This is an added plus that makes our flower boxes even more valuable and special.


What should the right box decoration be?

Properly arranging flowers in a box is an essential part of creating an impressive floral arrangement. Fun Flowers offers you a guide on how to decorate a box to make your gift a true work of art.

Firstly, choose a suitable box to match the size of your bouquet. It should be sturdy and deep enough to hold the flowers and additional decorative elements. The box should be spotlessly clean and without damage to create a first impression of quality.

We then pad the bottom of the box with a soft material, such as floral foam or absorbent cotton, to provide support and protection for the flower stems. 

We wrap the box in beautiful wrapping paper or fabric, choosing a color and pattern that matches the theme and mood of the bouquet. Tightly fasten the material so that it does not shift or loosen. The last stage is adding decorative elements. We use ribbons, bows, beads or other accessories to give the box elegance and sophistication.

КартинкаWe choose them in such a way that they harmonize with the colors and the overall style of the composition.  

Make an amazing surprise

Make an amazing surprise with Fun Flowers - your perfect partner in floral deliveries! We offer a wide range of floral arrangements that can be delivered right to the recipient's door. Our team takes care of every step of the delivery process, from selecting fresh and beautiful flowers to carefully packing them to keep them fresh and beautiful during transportation. We also offer buy one of our boxes by ordering express delivery or scheduled delivery at your convenience for an affordable price.

In addition, we offer a variety of extras to make your delivery even more unique. It can be the application of a personalized message, adding gift inscriptions or additional accessories that will enhance the surprise effect. So don't miss the opportunity to create an amazing surprise with Fun Flowers. Give love, joy and emotions by delivering beauty right into the heart of your recipient.