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Flowers are a unique phenomenon of nature, able to give us joy and admiration for their beauty. And if you're looking for a special way to express your feelings, congratulate a loved one or decorate a special event, then monobouquets from FunFlowers are just what you need. These exquisite single flower arrangements are perfect for those who appreciate simplicity, elegance and minimalism.

Monobouquets from FunFlowers are suitable for any occasion, from a romantic date to an important anniversary. You can choose a monobouquet from FunFlowers according to the recipient's preferences and tastes, and we guarantee that this gift will be remembered for a long time.

Monobouquets are a great way to surprise your loved ones

If you want to emphasize your feelings and surprise your other half, you don't always need a reason. We are convinced that every day can be made special, and a monobouquet is a great way to do it.

What is a monobouquet? It is a bouquet of one type of flowers. This simple idea brings magic to everyday life. Monobouquets have their own unique charm and harmony. They have the unique ability to make each flower in the bouquet shine in all its glory, creating an exquisite look and fragrance.

FunFlowers offers a wide range of mono bouquets to suit every taste and preference. From delicate roses to colorful tulips, we have bouquets for every occasion. We also offer the option to add a personalized inscription or small gift to your bouquet to make your congratulations even more memorable.


What does the color of a mono bouquet tell you?  

In a world of color diversity, each color has its own meaning. When you choose a monobouquet consisting of flowers of a certain shade, you send many non-verbal messages and create a special atmosphere of your meetings and celebrations: 

  1. Roses are a symbol of passion, love and romance. A red monobouquet can express your true feelings and show that you are ready to give your heart.
  2. Light pink or soft blue gypsophila symbolize tenderness, suitable for the beginning of romantic relationships.
  3. Lilies and chrysanthemums symbolize purity, innocence and youth. White monobouquets are suitable for weddings or important life events.
  4. Lilacs and violets are associated with mystery and magic. A lilac monobouquet can express admiration or sympathy.
  5. Carnations can express friendship and the joy of companionship.

Remember that it is important to take into account the tastes and preferences of the recipient. Thus, when choosing a color scheme for a monobouquet, you can make your gift even more special and memorable, thus emphasizing the uniqueness of your relationship.

    КартинкаBring beauty into your life with our amazing mono bouquets! Open a world of bright colors and delicate fragrances, making every day special.

    Assortment of our store 

    Our assortment is variety and quality. We have flowers for all occasions, from romantic roses to wedding lilies. Monobouquets are exquisite compositions of a single flower, suitable for connoisseurs of minimalism. We offer to buy monobouquets at FunFlowers at an affordable price with a decent quality to price ratio. 

    We pride ourselves on carefully selecting all flowers - monobouquets in our store to meet the wishes and offer our customers the best. Our range is always fresh to delight you with quality bouquets. Whether you are looking for flowers for a loved one, a decoration for your home or a bouquet for yourself, we have what you need.