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Flowers with sweets

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Funflowers - a place where you buy flowers with sweets and create unique emotions! We are glad to present you a collection inspired by the sensual harmony of nature and taste. Flowers in a box with sweets - it is not just a gift, it is a real embodiment of joy, love and care. We strive to convey the beauty and tenderness of nature, using bright colors and delicate shades to give you and your loved ones exciting moments of joy.

But our mission is not just about the beauty of flowers. We invite you to discover an amazing world of taste, combining the tenderness of flowers with exquisite sweets. Chocolate, candies, macaroons, marmalade - each sweet in our compositions is selected with love. Make your holidays brighter, give joy to yourself and your relatives and loved ones with our bouquets with delicious sweets. Funflowers is not just a gift, it is a whole story about love, joy and beautiful moments of life.

Selecting the right composition 

Our collection of compositions offers unlimited possibilities for creating an unforgettable gift. The variety of box sizes allows us to find the best solution for every taste and budget.

From tiny and dainty to majestic and impressive, our boxes are ready to hold the most colorful flowers and exquisite sweets. Whether you choose a circle-shaped arrangement or prefer a heart shape, we will create each piece with care and attention.

Our hat boxes are perfect for those who appreciate sophistication and a romantic atmosphere. While heart-shaped boxes will fill your gesture with tenderness and warmth.


Happiness in one box: flowers and sweets together 

"Happiness in one box" is the name of the perfect combination of the tenderness of flowers and the delicacy of sweets that will leave an unforgettable impression. Our composition combines all the magic of nature and sweet pleasures.

We offer you a bouquet of the freshest flowers, carefully selected for you by our experienced florists. In addition to this beauty, each box with flowers and sweets is decorated with exquisite details. Chocolate truffles, fragrant candies, delicate marshmallows - each treat becomes a part of this magical symphony.

This is an opportunity to share your feelings and care through the language of colors and tastes and win the heart of your loved ones.


Whether it is a special event or just a desire to please a loved one, this composition will allow you to convey everything you feel in the most beautiful and tender way.

Don't wait for an occasion to surprise them

Why not add a bright colorful accent to everyday life by creating an unforgettable surprise? After all, happiness doesn't require special occasions, it can be found in the smallest details.  A hat box with flowers and chocolates becomes a bright symbol of your affection and care, even if there is no reason for a gift. Each flower conveys your sincere affection and joy from the mere presence in the life of the person to whom you intended this surprise.

And of course, you can't forget the inner pleasure. In this box, you will find delicious sweets ready to relax your taste buds and add a touch of sweetness to your everyday life. So, give surprises "on nothing", fill the moments of your life with colors and flavors, making it much brighter and unforgettable.